Who we are?

We are collectors in the first place but we are also a small company located in Argentina dedicated to sell exclusively for internet from this page and from auction sites.



What do we sell?

We sell mainly toy soldiers made in Argentina by DSG plastic toy soldiers, who manufacture toys soldiers made with the molds provide by Britains UK. But although we also have always availables for purchase some anothers toy soldiers from another brands, hand painted toy soldiers, vehicles, etc.

We sell too FLAGS for 54 mm figures, mounted flags and flagsheets, historically accurate and printed in high resolution, we have more than 500 available flags from the American Civil Wars, Napoleonic Wars, WWII flags, medieval flags, colonial wars flags, etc.

Another collectibles that we sell are a minifigures line, made in Argentina and that represent diverse personalities of the music world, the cinema and television world, the political world, etc. These minifigures are sold exclusively in Argentina or by Internet, we are the better prices for these figurines, note that some of these figures were sold in ebay in U$S 20.00 each or more.

And for last we also sell another collectibles like action figures, originals from Argentina too.










How to buy with us?

In our site you can see all the available articles, the site is renewed continually, therefore all the articles are available for sale. Then that you chose the articles that you want to buy, send us an e-mail, clicking HERE, indicating your shipping address, the name or the code (located at the left of the name) of the articles in which you are interested and if you want the normal or a special shipping method or attach the order form that you can download clicking HERE or HERE. We will send you an e-mail with the total cost, included shipping & handling and the exact payment instructions according to the selected method.

After that you receive our mail, if you decide that you want made the purchase, you must send an e-mail after you make the payment. The items will be sended immediately after that we receive the payment and then you will receive an e-mail with the shipping number for tracking.










Only complete sets could be bought?

No, almost all the Britains reissues figures, painted or unpainted are sold separately and in the quantity that you want, the mounted figures are sold with horse or without horse, we are the only Internet Store that sell the figures separately, you can to make your own set if you want. In the case of the other figures, the description say if they are sold separately.

For purchase a determinate figure, please look the image in the description, if the figures are not numbered, number the figures left to right and up to down, click HERE for an example, and then when you send the mail indicate the code, the name of the item and the figure number that you want and in the case of the mounted figures if you want or not the horse.







Which are the scale of the different figures?

One image is better than one thousand words, so click HERE and HERE and you will see images of the differents figures together and you could compare between them.






What do they mean the legends in some pictures? ?

In some pictures appear different legends, here is the meaning

The item is NOT AVAILABLE for now, but it will be available again in a near future.


The item is no longer available for sale and probably nevermore it will be.



The item was reserved by some potential buyer, but it will be available again if the buyer doesn't make the purchase.






Which are the payment methods accepted?

These are the possibilities for payment:

Payment Methods, you can
We accept Paypal payment, but NOT for wholesale orders. Please e-mail Us asking if you want to use Paypal.
Transfer the money using Western Union Money Transfer Services or using Money Gram
Send an International Money Order or Cashier Checks only by registered mail.
Send, under your own risk, the money in cash inside a letter, only by registered mail and for small quantities .









What about the shipping costs?

All our shippings are made mostly by Argentinean mail (Correo Argentino) with tracking number (but you only could do the online tracking when the packet is in the Argentinean territory).You can to choose shipping by air mail (delivery time 10-12 days) or surface mail(delivery time 30-60 days), "Not registered" is not available.

The following table have the shipping costs according with the weight and in the next you have the estimated weight of some of our items, with these datas you could calculate the shipping & handling:

Air mail
Less than 150 gr.
U$S 18.00
Less than 500 gr.
U$S 30.00
Less than 1000 gr.
U$S 49.00
Less than 1500 gr.
U$S 66.00
Less than 2000 gr.
U$S 82.00

Estimated weights

Mounted sets (4 figures)
140 gr.
Mounted sets (6 figures)
210 gr.
Foot sets (6 figures)
50 gr.
1 minifigure
50 gr.
Boxed Foot sets (6 figures)
100 gr.
Covered Wagons
200 gr.
Artillary trains
350 gr.
Packaging (estimated)
200 - 350 gr.

Shipping by another way like Federal Express, UPS or DHL is not available for normal orders.

This prices are for normal orders if you buy wholesale lots ask for the shipping costs.
















How much is the delivery time of the purchase?

The items are shipped between after the 72 hours that we receive the payment. The delivery time depends on the shipping method elect, usually 10-12 days for the shipments by air mail and 30-60 days for the shipments by surface .






For what Reason to trust us?

We are sellers in MercadoliBre of Argentina, the argentine version of ebay under the I.D. of "REDSKORPIO", with all positive feedback.

Click here if you want to see our feedback in mercadolibre Argentina.

We are sellers in ebay under the I.D. of "scarletskorpion", with more than 600 positive qualifications.

Click here if you want to see our feedback in ebay.

We could give you, if you want, the e-mail address of some of our customers that will speak you about us. Or you could send them a message through ebay asking for us.










What does it happen if you don't receive the order, but the order was sended?

All our shippings are assured when the destination country allow this, the insurance covers the NOT DELIVERY of the product, we put in the order if the shipping have insured. If you don't receive your order in a reasonable time according to the chosen shipping method, you must to communicate with us and us, after the mail office confirms the not delivery, and if the packet was insured, we refund you the money or we send you again a new order, if the packet was not insured we only could refund a fixed quantity according to the mail office, ussually 2 times the value of the postage. In all the cases we are not responsible for damages happened in the mail process.

If we didn't make any mistake, how for example a mistake in the shipping address, we don't take the responsibility of the errors made by the mail process.









What happen if there is some mistake on the order received?

If you receive the order with some mistake, for example you have received a set not ordered and didn't receive a set ordered or some of the toy soldiers is broken or the item that you received is not as listed, we will replace the wrongs items with shipping costs to our charge.









The prices listed are the definitive prices?

No, the prices depend of your purchase, if you buy more than 10 sets you will have a small discount, if you want buy wholesale lots, the prices, the paymente methods accepted and the shipping costs will be differents, if this is your case please ASK US about.









All the items listed are availables for wholesale purchase?

No, the items availables for wholesale purchase are the figures made in Argentina by DSG or imported by DSG and the minifigures, if you want buy another items in wholesale lots please ASK US about this.









The payment must be made in US Dollars?

No, the payment could be made in Euros, the parity used in this case is the parity of the ORDER day.









More Questions?

You have more questions?, you have any doubt?, please click HERE and contact us.







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