Excellents minifigures made in plastic resina, handpainted. The measurements are 7cm (2 1/2 inches) aproximately. Exclusives from Argentina.

Price for each figure US $ 7.50.

The clothes colour can to vary.

Ringo Starr George Harrison John Lennon Paul McCartney
MF027/Ringo Starr
MF028/George Harrison
MF029/John Lennon
MF030/Paul McCartney
Gene Simmons Ace Frehley Peter Criss Paul Stanley
MF108/Gene Simmons
MF109/Ace Frehley
MF110/Peter Criss
MF111/Paul Stanley
Mick Jagger Keith Richard Charlie Watts Ronnie Wood
MF035/Mick Jagger
MF036/Keith Richard
MF037/Charlie Watts
MF038/Ronnie Wood
Axl Rose Bob Dylan B B King Eric Clapton
MF031/Axl Rose
MF032/Bob Dylan
MF033/B. B. King
MF034/Eric Clapton
Charlie Garcia Kurt Cobain Elton John Elvis Presley
MF039/Charlie Garcia
MF040/Kurt Cobain
MF041/Elton John
MF042/Elvis Presley
Fito Paez Carlos Gardel Jimmy Hendrix James Brown
MF043/Fito Paez
MF044/Carlos Gardel
MF045/Jimmy Hendrix
MF046/James Brown
Michael Jackson Mark Knopfler Luis Miguel Bob Marley
MF047/Michael Jackson
MF048/Mark Knopfler
MF049/Luis Miguel
MF050/Bob Marley
Freddy Mercury Ozzy Osbourne Roxette Joey Ramone
MF051/Fredy Mercury
MF052/Ozzy Osbourne
MF054/Joey Ramone
Sandro Joan Manuel Serrat Shakira Mercedes Sosa
MF056/Joan Manuel Serrat
MF058/Mercedes Sosa
Sting Steven Tyler Jim Morrison
MF060/Steven Tyler
MF061/Jim Morrison
MF121/L. Kravitz
MF132/Angus Young
MF135/A. Calamaro
MF157/Joaquim Sabina

Prices subject to change without notice

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