All the images in this page are in low resolution, are samples not capables to print, the real flags are in high resolution
RSUF01/1st. Irish Brigade
RSUF01D/1st. Irish Brigade battle damaged
RSUF02/1st. Michigan Infantry Volunteer.
RSUF02D/1st. Michigan Infantry Volunteer. Damaged
RSUF03/1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Guidon
RSUF03D/1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Guidon battle damaged
RSUF04/2nd. Massachusetts Cavalry Co. M Guidon
RSUF04D/2nd. Massachusetts Cavalry Co. M. Guidon . Damaged
RSUF05/2nd. Kansas colored Volunteer Infantry
RSUF05D/2nd. Kansas colored Volunteer Infantry
RSUF06/2nd. Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers
RSUF06D/2nd. Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers damaged flag
RSUF07/2nd. Wisconsin Volunteers
RSUF07D/2nd. Wisconsin Volunteers, battle damaged flag
RSUF08/3rd. Lousiana Infantry
RSUF08D/3rd. Lousiana Infantry, battle damaged flag
RSUF09/3rd. Massachusetts Volunteers Cavalry
RSUF09D/3rd. Massachusetts Volunteers Cavalry, damaged
RSUF10/3rd. New York Volunteers
RSUF10D/3rd. New York Volunteers, battle damaged flag
RSUF11/4th. Irish Brigade
RSUF11D/4th. Irish Brigade, battle damaged flag
RSUF12/4th. West Virginia Infantry
RSUF12D/4th. West Virginia Infantry, battle damaged flag
RSUF13/5th. Minnesotta Volunteers
RSUF13/5th. Minnesotta Volunteers
RSUF14/6th. Massachusetts Volunteers
RSUF14D/6th. Massachusetts Volunteers, battle damaged flag
RSUF15/7th. New York Cavalry
RSUF15D/7th. New York Cavalry, battle damaged flag
RSUF16/7th. Pennsylvania Cavalry
RSUF16D/7th. Pennsylvania Cavalry, battle damaged
RSUF17/7th. New Jersey Volunteers
RSUF17D/7th. New Jersey Volunteers, damaged
RSUF18/7th. Infantry
RSUF18D/7th. Infantry , battle damaged
RSUF19/8th. New York Cavalry
RSUF19D/8th. New York Cavalry, battle damaged
RSUF53/153rd Indiana Volunteers.
RSUF53/153rd Indiana Volunteers, battle damaged.
RSUF51/35 Stars Union Flag, round scheme
RSUF51D/35 Stars Union Flag, round scheme, damaged
RSUF22/9th. Kentucky Cavalry
RSUF22D/9th. Kentucky Cavalry, battle damaged flag
RSUF23/10th. Illinois Cavalry
RSUF23D/10th. Illinois Cavalry, battle damaged
RSUF54/64th New York Volunteers
RSUF54D/64th New York Volunteers, damaged
RSUF52/40th Ohio Infantry Volunteers.
RSUF52D/40th Ohio Infantry Volunteers, damaged.
RSUF26/18th. Pennsylvania Cavalry
RSUF26D/18th. Pennsylvania Cavalry, Battle damaged
RSUF27/20th. Massachusetts Cavalry
RSUF27D/20th. Massachusetts Cavalry, battle damaged flag
RSUF28/20th New York Regiment
"McCellan" Cavalry Flag
RSUF28D/20th New York Regiment
"McCellan" Cavalry Flag, damaged
RSUF29/22th. Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry
RSUF29D/22th. Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, damaged
RSUF30/24th. Michigan Cavalry
RSUF30D/24th. Michigan Cavalry, damaged flag
RSUF31/24th. Michigan Infantry
RSUF31D/24th. Michigan Infantry, damaged flag
RSUF32/24th US. Infantry
RSUF32D/24th US. Infantry, battle damaged flag
RSUF33/34 Stars Union Flag
RSUF33D/34 Stars Union Flag, battle damaged flag
RSUF34/39th New York Infantry, Garibaldi Guards.
RSUF34D/39th New York Infantry, Garibaldi Guards, damaged flag.
RSUF35/39th. Pennsylvania Infantry
RSUF35D/39th. Pennsylvania Infantry, battle damaged flag
RSUF36/54 Massachusetts Volunteers
RSUF36D/54 Massachusetts Volunteers, battle damaged flag
RSUF37/54 Massachusetts Volunteers, regimental flag
RSUF37D/54 Massachusetts Volunteers, battle damaged regimental flag
RSUF38/63th. US Infantry
RSUF38D/63th. US Infantry, battle damaged regimental flag
RSUF39/Iron Brigade Regimental Flag
RSUF39D/Irone Brigade battle damaged Regimental Flag
RSUF40/Gral. Sheridan, personal Guidon
RSUF40D/Gral. Sheridan damaged personal Guidon
RSUF41/35 Stars Union Flag
RSUF41D/35 Stars Union Flag, damaged
RSUF44/35 Stars Union Flag with silver fringe
RSUF44D/35 Stars Union battle damagedFlag with silver fringe
RSUF42/Generic Union Regimental flag
RSUF42D/Battle damaged Generic Union Regimental flag
RSUF43/Army of Potomac guidon
RSUF43D/Army of Potomac guidon, damaged
RSUF45/6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Co. I, Guidon
RSUF45D/6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Co. I Guidon, damaged
RSUF46/2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Reg.
RSUF46D/2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Reg., battle damaged
RSUF47/5th Artillery Regiment
RSUF47D/5th Artillery Regiment , battle damaged flag
RSUF48/22th Massachusetts Volunteer Reg.
RSUF48D/22th Massachusetts Volunteer Reg., damaged in battle
RSUF49/15th Wisconsin Infantry (The Scandinavian Reg.)
RSUF49D/15th Wisconsin Infantry (The Scandinavian Reg.), damaged in battle
RSUF50/26th New York Infantry, US Colored troops.
RSUF50D/26th New York Infantry, US Colored troops, damaged
RSUF55/108th New York volunteers guidon
RSUF55D/108th New York volunteers guidon, damaged
RSUF56/55st New York volunteers, The Lafayette Guards
RSUF56D/55st New York volunteers, The Lafayette Guards, damaged
RSUF57/23rd Missouri Infantry volunteers, The Lyon Legion
RSUF57D/23rd Missouri Infantry volunteers, The Lyon Legion , damaged
RSUF58/9th. Massachusetts Volunteers
RSUF58D/9th. Massachusetts Volunteers, damaged
RSUF59/2nd. Massachusetts Cavalry Co. A Guidon
RSUF059D/2nd. Massachusetts Cavalry Co. A. Guidon . Damaged
RSUF60/9th. Massachusetts Artillery guidon
RSUF60D/9th. Massachusetts Artillery guidon, damaged
RSUF61/6th. Massachusetts Artillery guidon
RSUF61D/6th. Massachusetts Artillery guidon, damaged
RSUF62/11th. Massachusetts Infantry Volunteers
RSUF62D/11th. Massachusetts Infantry Volunteers, damaged
RSUF63/3rd New Jersey Cavalry volunteers guidon
RSUF63D/3rd New Jersey Cavalry volunteers, damaged guidon
RSUF64/1st. Kansas colored Infantry Volunteers
RSUF64D/1st. Kansas colored Infantry Volunteers, damaged
RSUF65/8th. Kansas cavalry Volunteers
RSUF65D/8th. Kansas cavalry Volunteers, damaged
RSUF66/1st. Div. Cavalry, Army of Potomac
RSUF66D/1st. Div. Cavalry, Army of Potomac, damaged
RSUF67/2nd. Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
RSUF67D/2nd. Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, damaged
RSUF68/19th. Indiana Volunteers
RSUF68D/19th. Indiana Volunteers, damaged
RSUF69/35th. Indiana, First Irish Brigade
RSUF69D/35th. Indiana, First Irish Brigade, damaged
RSUF70/42th. Indiana Infantry
RSUF70D/42th. Indiana Infantry, damaged
RSUF71/10th. Indiana Light Artillery
RSUF71D/10th. Indiana Light Artillery, damaged
RSUF72/80th. Indiana Volunteers
RSUF72D/80th. Indiana Volunteers, damaged
RSUF73/28th. Pennsylvania Veterans
RSUF73D/28th. Pennsylvania Veterans, damaged
RSUF74/1st. Michigan Artillery Co. E
RSUF74/1st. Michigan Artillery Co. E, damaged
RSUF75/20th. Maine Volunteers
RSUF75D/20th. Maine Volunteers, damaged
RSUF76/20th. Maine Volunteers, regimental flag
RSUF76D/20th. Maine Volunteers, regimental flag, damaged
RSUF77/126th. New York State Volunteers
RSUF77D/126th. New York State Volunteers, damaged
RSUF78/3rd. New York Volunteers. German Hussars
RSUF78D/3rd. New York Volunteers. German Hussars , damaged
RSUF79/Lafayette Artillery
RSUF79D/Lafayette Artillery, damaged
RSUF80/55th Massachusetts Colored Volunteers
RSUF80D/55th Massachusetts Colored Volunteers , damaged
RSUF81/Army of Potomac, 1st. Corp
RSUF81D/Army of Potomac, 1st. Corp, damaged
RSUF82/1st. Division Cavalry Guidon, Buford Guidon
RSUF82D/1st. Division Cavalry Guidon, Buford Guidon, damaged
RSUF83/37th New York Infantry Volunteers
RSUF83D/37th New York Infantry Volunteers, damaged
RSUF84/64th New York Infantry Volunteers
RSUF84D/64th New York Infantry Volunteers, damaged
RSUF85/2nd. Kansas Cavalry
RSUF85D/2nd. Kansas Cavalry, damaged
RSUF86/Flag used in the Hospitals until 1864
RSUF87/Flag used in the Hospitals after 1864
RSUF88/Ambulance Guidon
RSUF89/11th. Pensylvania Infantry Volunteers
RSUF89D/11th. Pensylvania Infantry Volunteers, damaged
RSUF90/Army of Potomac, 2nd. Corp
RSUF90D/Army of Potomac, 2nd. Corp, damaged
RSUF91/5th. New York Infantry
RSUF91D/5th. New York Infantry, damaged
RSUF92/4th. New York Artillery
RSUF92D/4th. New York Artillery, damaged
RSUF93/1st. Minnesotta Volunteers
RSUF93D/1st. Minnesotta Volunteers, damaged.
RSUF94/69th. New York Infantry, Irish Brigade. First color.
RSUF94D/69th. New York Infantry, Irish Brigade. First color, damaged
RSUF95/69th. New York Infantry, Irish Brigade. Second color with Battle Honors.
RSUF95D/69th. New York Infantry, Irish Brigade. Second color with Battle Honors, damaged
RSUF96/Sheridan Headquarters flag
RSUF96D/Sheridan Headquarters flag, damaged
RSUF97/1st. Ohio Light Artillery
RSUF97D/1st. Ohio Light Artillery, damaged
RSUF98/Cavalry Corps Army of Cumberland
RSUF98D/Cavalry Corps Army of Cumberland, damaged
RSUF99/22US Colored Infantry.
RSUF99D/22US Colored Infantry, damaged.
RSUF100/3rd Michigan Headquarters
RSUF100D/3rd Michigan Headquarters, damaged
RSUF101/10th Massachusetts Infantry
RSUF101D/10th Massachusetts Infantry, damaged
RSUF102/10th Massachusetts Infantry State color.
RSUF102D/10th Massachusetts Infantry State color, damaged.
RSUF103/119th New York Infantry Volunteers
RSUF103D/119th New York Infantry Volunteers, damaged
RSUF104/Gral Sheridan personal flag
RSUF104D/Gral Sheridan personal flag, damaged
RSUF105/10th Ohio Cavalry.
RSUF105D/10th Ohio Cavalry, damaged.
RSUF106/26 Wisconsin Volunteers Infantry
RSUF106D/26 Wisconsin Volunteers Infantry, damaged
RSUF107/82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
RSUF107D/82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, damaged
RSUF108/1st. Massachusets Cavallry, Co L Guidon.
RSUF108D/1st. Massachusets Cavallry, Co L Guidon, damaged.
RSUF109/2nd Corp,1st Division,2nd Brigade Command Flag
RSUF110/11th Corps,3rd Division 2nd Brigade Command Flag
RSUF111/63rd New York Infantry
RSUF111D/63rd New York Infantry, damaged
RSUF112/9th Connecticut Irish Regt.
RSUF112D/9th Connecticut Irish Regt, damaged.
RSUF113/5th Connecticut Irish Regt
RSUF113D/5th Connecticut Irish Regt, damaged
RSUF114/116th Pennsylvania Infantry
RSUF114D/116th Pennsylvania Infantry, damaged
RSUF115/27th Massachusetts Infantry State color.
RSUF115D/27th Massachusetts Infantry State color, damaged.
RSUF116/15th Wisconsin Infantry (The Scandinavian Reg.), Regimental flag.
RSUF116D/15th Wisconsin Infantry (The Scandinavian Reg.), Regimental flag, damaged
RSUF117/4th Wisconsin Infantry Regimental flag.
RSUF117D/4th Wisconsin Infantry Regimental flag, damaged
RSUF118/23rd New Jersey Infantry flag.
RSUF118D/23rd New Jersey Infantry flag, damaged.
RSUF119/3rd US Colored Troops Infantry Flag
RSUF119D/3rd US Colored Troops Infantry flag, damaged
RSUF120/127th US Colored Troops Infantry Flag
RSUF120D/127th US Colored Troops Infantry Flag, damaged
RSUF121/24th US Colored Troops Infantry Flag.
RSUF121D/24th US Colored Troops Infantry Flag, damaged.
RSUF122/4th US Colored Troops Infantry Flag.
RSUF122D/4th US Colored Troops Infantry Flag, damaged
RSUF123/7th New York Cavalvry Standard Flag.
RSUF123D/7th New York Cavalvry Standard Flag, damaged
RSUF124/34th New York Infantry Co. I. Standar Flag.
RSUF124D/34th New York Infantry Co. I. Standar Flag, damaged.
RSUF125/182nd New York Infantry, Corcoran Irish Brigade HQ. Flag.
RSUF125D/182nd New York Infantry, 1st Regiment of Corcoran Irish Brigade HQ. Flag, damaged
RSUF126/155th New York Infantry, 2nd Regiment of Corcoran Irish Brigade, Flag
RSUF126D/155th New York Infantry, 2nd Regiment of Irish Corcoran Brigade, Flag, damaged
RSUF127/164th New York Infantry, 3rd Regiment of Corcoran Irish Brigade, Flag.
RSUF127D/164th New York Infantry, 3rd Regiment of Corcoran Irish Brigade, Flag, damaged.
RSUF128/69th new York Infantry, "Princess of Wales" Flag.
RSUF128D/69th new York Infantry, "Princess of Wales" Flag, damaged
RSUF129/133th New York Infantry Flag.
RSUF129D/133th New York Infantry Flag, damaged
RSUF130/13th New York Cavalry Flag.
RSUF130D/13th New York Cavalry Flag, damaged.
RSUF131/10th New York Infantry Flag.
RSUF131D/10th New York Infantry Flag, damaged
RSUF132/22th New York Cavalvry Flag.
RSUF132D/22th New York Cavalvry Flag, damaged
RSUF133/Vermont's Green Mountain Boys Flag.
RSUF133D/Vermont's Green Mountain Boys Flag.
RSUF134/14th Connecticut Infantry Flag.
RSUF134D/14th Connecticut Infantry Flag, damaged
RSUF135/12th New Jersey Volunteers Flag
RSUF135D/12th New Jersey Volunteers Flag, damaged
RSUF136/9th Connecticut Infantry State Flag.
RSUF136D/9th Connecticut Infantry State Flag, damaged.
RSUF137/US Militia National Color, Evergreen Home Guard Flag.
RSUF137D/US Militia National Color, Evergreen Home Guard Flag, damaged
RSUF138/1st. New York Artillery Co. L Flag
RSUF138D/1st. New York Artillery Co. L Flag, damaged
RSUF139/1st. Rhode Island Cavalry Co L guidon.
RSUF139D/1st. Rhode Island Cavalry Co L guidon, damaged.
RSUF140/16th. New York State Volunteers Flag.
RSUF140D/16th. New York State Volunteers Flag, damaged
RSUF141/39th. New York Infantry, "Garibaldi Guards" regimental Flag
RSUF141D/39th. New York Infantry, "Garibaldi Guards" regimental Flag, damaged
RSUF142/21st. Iowa Infantry Flag.
RSUF142D/21st. Iowa Infantry Flag, damaged.
RSUF143/43rd. Illinois Infantry Veterans Flag.
RSUF143D/43rd. Illinois Infantry Veterans Flag, damaged
RSUF144/Signal Flag.
RSUF145/Signal Flag.
RSUF146/71st. New York Infantry Flag.
RSUF146D/71st. New York Infantry Flag, damaged.
RSUF147/79th. Illinois Infantry Flag.
RSUF147D/79th. Illinois Infantry Flag, damaged
RSUF148/9th. Ilinois Infantry Flag
RSUF148D/9th. Ilinois Infantry Flag, damaged
RSUF149/10th. Massachusetts National flag with battle honors.
RSUF149D/10th. Massachusetts National flag with battle honors, damaged.
RSUF150/27th. Massachusetts National flag with battle honors.
RSUF150D/27th. Massachusetts National flag with battle honors, damaged
RSUF151/US Marine Corp Flag
RSUF151D/US Marine Corp Flag, damaged
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