Second World War Banner
Foreign Legion in 1831, Mounted Foreign Legion in 1831, Argentinean Infantry, Paraguayan Troops, Argentinean Troops, Foreign Legion (blue uniform), Mounted F. L. (blue), F. L. (red trousers), Mounted F. L. (red trousers), Modern F.L. (tan), Mounted Modern F. L. (tan), F. L. ( light blue uniform), Mounted F. L. (light blue), WWI: French Infantry, Sept. 1915, Nov. 1915, French Dragons in Mexico, Hussars of Pavia, Arabs, Arabs (white tunics), Arabs (yellow tunics), Arabs (black tunics), Arabs Special set, Mounted Arabs (black), Mounted arabs (coloured tunics), Mounted Arabs (white tunics), Saladin Warriors, Flag-bearers, Foot Sets with metal bases,