In these pages we are offering flags for use with all the 54 and 60 mm figures.

All the flags are computed generated, highly detailed and historically accurate, in the most of the cases we use photos of the real flags for made them or they are based in flags appeared in books, made in 266 dpi, texturized, full colour printed with laser color, in high quality paper.

There are regimental flags and guidons of the american civil war, confederate and union flags, flags used in the colonial wars and the american indian wars, napoleonics flags, etc.

All our flags have a height of 3 cms and the proportional width depending on the flag type, the guidones has a height of 1,3 cms.

If you need a flag that is not available, send us all the information that you have and we made it for you.

If you see some flag with mistakes, please e-mail us. The flag images in the pages are in normal resolution and are only for you have an idea of the flags.

Flags types


Foreign Legion flagbearer

Normal flags: printed in normal paper, you should mount these flags according to the instructions that appear here and in each sheet, in the image left you could see 1 figure carrying this type of flag.

Or if you want we could send to you the flags ready for use with the pole included.

Dynamic flags: available in normal or self adhesive paper, more easy to mount, in the image left you could see 1 figure carrying this type of flag

Or if you want we could send to you the flags ready for use with the pole included.

All the flags has its battle damaged version. Normal and dynamic type are the 2 versions available.

Image left show a confederate soldiers carrying the first Confederation flag, image right show the same flag but battle damaged.

Choose your flags and arm your own sheet.
You don't need to buy flags that you don't want or you don't need because you can choose your own flags to arm your own sheet. You can choose from 12 to 16 normal flags (depending of the size) or guidons(remember that 1 flag = 2 guidons) or from 12 to 14 dynamic flags (depending of the flag size), all differents or all the same, that you want and the sheet will have these flags. Each sheet come with the instructions for to mount the flags .
US $ 6.00 eachs sheet with 12 to 16 flags printed in normal paper. (left)
US $ 7.00 each sheet with 12 to 14 flags printed in self adhesive paper, only available for dynamic flags. (right)
Normal flags
Dynamic flags

Or Choose your flags and we mount them for you

You don't want cut and mount the flags?, we can make this for you. Choose the flags that you want and we will send this flags mounted and ready for use including the pole.

The flags are sold in bags containing 15 flags at your choice. READY TO USE

Tridimensional flags
Three-dimensional Flags: US $ 1.00 each
Dinamyc plain Flags Dynamic plain Flags: US $ 1.00 each
Roman Vexillums Roman Vexillums: US $ 2.00 each
Battle damaged tridimensional Flags Battle damaged Three-dimensional flags: US $ 2.00 each
Battle damaged Dinamyc plain Flags Battle damaged Flags plain flags: US $ 2.00 each
In the next pages you will found images of all the flags available with its code number, you must send us an e-mail with the code of the flags that you want, the quantity of each and if you want normal flags or dynamic flags.

Click Here for download our catalogue flag in WORD.

Or Here for download our catalogue flag in PDF.Get Adobe Reader

Instructions for mount the flags.

Firstly carefully cut around the outer edge of the printed flag, with either sharp sissors or, better still, a sharp scalpel or craft knife.

To mount the flags, cover one of the reverse side of the flag with the white glue (vinyl glue), the two halves will slide around each other while you position them around the pole, move them until you are sure that the 2 flags halves are exactly aligned, at this time pinch the flag firmly together and ensure that there is a snug fit against the flag staff.

For normal flags only: Before the glue is dry , wrap and curl the flag back and forth around a paint brush handle or similar until the desired effect or dynamic shape of the flag is obtained. Then that the glue dries it will be quite rigid and will support its shape. If you are left with a white strip showing around the edges of the flag, fill in the edges using the tip of a suitably coloured felt marker or fine paint brush.

If you are using the dynamic flags all this is not necessary, you only must position them around the staff and be ensure that they are exactly aligned, these flags has a dynamic form, and then pinch the flag firmly together, note that if you are using the flag printed in self adhesive paper and and once meetings the two halves you won't be able to separate them, make sure that are perfectly aligned.

For the battle damaged flags, make the cuts of the damages the most exact possible and then alter them with sharp sissors when the flag is dry one



We offer to you one flag of each type for download for free. The flag is the regimental flag of the 2nd. Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry. For download the free sample make the following.

  • Left Click on the image.
  • When the new window appear, Right Click on the new image
  • Click "Save image as"
  • Save the flag using the name that you want to a directory of your choice
2nd Kansas Colored Infantry normal flag
2nd Kansas Colored Infantry dynamic flag
2nd Kansas Colored Infantry normal battle damaged flag
2nd Kansas Colored Infantry dynamic battle damaged flag

For print the flags, open the archive with any graphic program like photoshop, photopaint or any graphic utilities available on internet, make sure that the resolution is 266 DPI, the image size should be 770 pixels x 340 pixels for the normal flag and 846 pixels x 448 pixels for the dynamic flag.

Print the flag in a color print, if you are using an ink jet printer, you must seal the flags for preserve them, you could made this with any artistic acrylic sealer or similar, this is not necessary if you print the flag with a laser color printer. When you have the flag printed, follow the Instructions. Enjoy them! and look for all the others flags.
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